Magnifique blog- by Tesa Jurjasevic

Blogger, fashion editor and PR girl, sharing here life and passion here on Magnifique.

As I like to say: "Magnifique is a place where I write about fashion, style, beauty, travel and lifestyle, so it's a place where I write about all things magnifique."


Anonymous said...

I Live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Several years ago I received a pair of your shoes (second hand). I immediately fell in love with their smart style and comfort. To this date, they are still in good shape to wear and the most attractive shoes I have. I would like to know where I can purchase another pair here or in the U.S.

Dianne Weremy

Simply Davelyn said...

Your blog is really cute and you are so pretty! And I, too, love the word Magnifique - it is a good word no matter what language you speak ;)



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