Magnifique blog- by Tesa Jurjasevic

Blogger, fashion editor and PR girl, sharing here life and passion here on Magnifique.

As I like to say: "Magnifique is a place where I write about fashion, style, beauty, travel and lifestyle, so it's a place where I write about all things magnifique."


Anonymous said...

I Live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Several years ago I received a pair of your shoes (second hand). I immediately fell in love with their smart style and comfort. To this date, they are still in good shape to wear and the most attractive shoes I have. I would like to know where I can purchase another pair here or in the U.S.

Dianne Weremy

Unknown said...

Your blog is really cute and you are so pretty! And I, too, love the word Magnifique - it is a good word no matter what language you speak ;)



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