Kimpton DeWitt Amsterdam

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Right in the city center, there is a special hotel, that will make your visit of the city of many canals extra special. Kimpton DeWitt Amsterdam is a magical boutique hotel, with spectacular, modern design, amazing offer and perfectly equipped rooms that made my trip to Amsterdam even more memorable and fun! The hotel offers 274 rooms, of which the majority are a part of original Amsterdam houses from the 17th century. Each room is perfectly equipped with all the necessities, but I was really pleasantly surprised to find the special yoga mat in the closet! Well I didn't really got to work out that much (although the hotel has a great gym), but I did got an amazing all night sleep, which coming from an insomnia victim as myself this is quite an important information! But one of my favorite parts of my stay would have to be the "double happy hour", meaning you get to enjoy free tea in the morning and free vine in the afternoon! Of course I must not forget about the culinary part of the offer and the Wyers Bar & Restaurant. Now, I only got a taste of their breakfast (which is really fresh and delicious), but I heard they are well known for their grill an burgers, so I'm definitely coming back there for dinner when I'm back in town! To burn those breakfast calories or just turn yourself into a true Dutchie, you can rent a bike for free but the hotel has such a great location, you can pretty much walk around the city as well! 
I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I think it's settle where to stay when in Amsterdam right? ;)

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