Perfect Christmas gift with Cluse

Thursday, December 20, 2018

This holidays season it's time to press pause. It's time to reconnect with those we love, to give our time, undivided and undisturbed. And there's a special gift that is a symbol of this intention...

I believe that giving a watch as a gift is one of the classiest, chicest and timeless gifts that you can come up with. And so when I learned about the Special Edition Gift Box by CLUSE, I knew it had to be one of the most perfect Christmas gifts this season. CLUSE is a women's watch and jewellery brand from Amsterdam, known for their unique and chic watches and delicate accessories. Special Edition Gift Box is a part of the "Time to Reconnect" campaign, a campaign with a really special and powerful message- to reconnect with those we love. The CLUSE Gift Box is a symbol of this intention, a promise to take time out, to refresh and reconnect, by also giving a gift containing a timepiece and a piece of your time. Inside the box you can find a special watch in La Garconne model, with special shimmering white dial and rose gold mesh metal strap and with a black embellished crown. It also comes with extra black leather strap with a metal loop featuring 6 hexagons. It's a really unique yet timeless piece, that I'm sure either you mom, sister, best friend or any other family member would definitely love and enjoy! And for what is more, Special Edition box can be ordered on which will make Christmas shopping even more easy and less stressful! 

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