Monday, July 9, 2018

Last week I got to experience something so special, so unique, something so memorable and something that really marks my career, but especially my love for fashion and beauty industry. As the title says (and believe me it still sounds pretty unreal to me), Chanel invited me to a really special #hydrabeauty event! Along with some other influencers I got to visit Chanel's headquarters and take a little sneak peek into their laboratories and the process of creating the Hydra beauty products! 
Hydra beauty consists of three key products, HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Serum, HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux (an eye cream) and HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Creme. The whole line is based on Gabrielle's favorite flower camellia and its micro-droplets that preserve the power of the flower and perfectly fuse with the skin for deep hydration. We got to see how they produce the products and of course test them out ourselves and I have to say it was a love at first sight! The way they feel on the skin is absolutely sensational, but I have to say my favorite would have to be HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence with its insane formula that almost feels like water! For what is more Chanel had one more special surprise for us, which was a little bit more fashion oriented and is supposed to stay a secret, so all I can say is, it was something so incredibly special and memorable that I will cherish forever!
So a big thank you to Chanel for such an amazing day, I have even more admiration and appreciation for this brand now and I still can't believe I got the chance to be a little part of their story!


photos: Virgile Guinard

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