Sofitel New York

Monday, March 5, 2018

New York and Paris, two of my absolute favorite cities. This might be a little bit weird as they are so incredibly different, but that's exactly why I love them so much and that's why I could never pick my favorite! So if you were to tell me, that I could actually get the best of both worlds (or in my case the best of both cities) in one place, I don't think I'd believe you! But yet it's possible and I got to experience it! Sofitel New York is exactly that, a little bit of Paris in the middle of New York! Starting with the architecture that takes a contemporary twist on classic Parisian 1940s Art Deco by making a true modern statement in midtown Manhattan, the hotel offers 389 rooms in sophisticated European ambience, but with an insane urban New York view! Of course in the right French spirit the hotel offers a sublime dining, bringing a modern twist to classic, French specialities at their restaurant Gaby Brasserie but you have to stop by at Gaby bar for a glass of perfect French vine...sounds too good to be true? All I can say is, I think I found MY space in New York!


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