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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wearing Etam and Ugg boots

You know "that bit between Christmas and New Year where you don't know what day it is, who you are or what your suppose to be doing?" I heard this quote a few days ago and although it might be a little bit extreme, I think we can all find ourselves in it at least a little bit. Simply because the last couple of days have been pretty much all about chilling, spending time with friends and family, eating one too many candy and watching favorite (Christmas) movies on repeat! Of course such behaviour requires an appropriate outfit, an adorable Etam pjs if possible, and a nice cosy environment that I tried to recreate with this beautiful living room set up from Velana
So what about you, what have you been up to these days? :)


photos: Katarina Veselič


Anonymous said...

So cozy and comfy! :) Lovely photos!

7sevendays said...

what a nice plaaaaace. p.s adorable plaid pattern

Zane said...

The look is gorgeous, but the deco is just amazing!!!

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