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Monday, September 25, 2017

Total look Marella

From a really comfortable and casual look (here), to a little bit more chic and put together. But if there's something both looks have in common, it's the fashionable, statement coat. I believe a good winter coat is a true winter staple, so I'm really happy to partner up with Marella and invite you to our new event, that will be all about, yes you've guest it, winter coats! 
This Thursday at Galerija Emporium, from 17h - 19h, we will be discovering the new fall/winter collection, coats in particular, where I believe each and everyone can find one that suits their taste and personal style, not to mention a really special, personalised present that is waiting for you if you decide to stop by! 

See you there! :)


photos: Katarina Veselič


Faith J. said...

Love your entire outfit! But I can't find that skirt or booties on the Marella website! Maybe they will be on there soon...

Anonymous said...

Your skirt is fantastic and you're looking great in this comfy and minimalistic outfit.

Anonymous said...

Elegance, quite classic ...
A charm ...
Nice idea.

I love this outfit that fits you perfectly.



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