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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

As you guys know, I’ve been driving Škoda Fabia for a few months now, and I think at this point I really got used to it, I got to know it quite well and as I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you and people around me, I decided to put together a short list of 10 reasons, why I love my Škoda Fabia so much. Now, please take into consideration that I’m no real expert when it comes to cars, so this is my pure, general and quite a female perspective, but here it goes:

1. It’s small, yet super spacious, so it’s perfect for driving around the city center, but at the same time it’s my work car, meaning it’s normally filled up with clothes and shoes, on its way to the new shooting location. 
2. Speaking of clothes and shoes, it has become my second closet, so either I’m shooting for the blog or heading to an event, changing in the car is definitely a part of my everyday routine.
3. And from my closet to my bathroom, this girl is definitely guilty of doing her makeup in the car! :)
4. I might not be the best when describing technical aspects of the car, but my first association when thinking of Škoda Fabia is that it drives super smooth!
5. Škoda’s surround system is the bomb! If you’re like me and love listening to some music while driving, you’ll might want to take an extra turn, just so that you can finish listening to your favorite song in the car!
6. I love pretty shoes and so does my car, as her wheels are simply fabulous!
7. To brag a little bit, I’m quite good when it comes to parallel parking, but every girl likes to get spoiled right? So here’s where Škoda’s parking system comes in hand, as with its parking sensors, parking has never been easier!
8. It’s all in the details, so everything from little hooks to a special holder for a parking ticket!
9. One of my favorite things would have to be the Bluetooth connection with my phone. As I’m always on the go, sometimes I have to take a call while driving, so this is a perfect and much, much safer solution!
10. Last but not least, it’s elegant, chic, yet a little bit sporty, which I call my perfect combination!


photos: Katarina Veselič


Anonymous said...

Is this post sponsored? Or did you get the car for free /discounted, or what?

Tesa said...

If you've been following me then you probably noticed that I've been doing a special project with Skoda for the last couple of months, testing the new Skoda Fabia.


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