Exploring Mallorca with Betty Barclay

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Crystal clear water, palm trees on every corner, incredible nature and that free summer spirit, Mallorca is definitely a place to visit and one of my favorite trips lately! And this time around, I brought a little bit something special along, something that would accompany me on every step of that trip and would keep the precious memories vivid even now, when I'm back in Ljubljana. You know how strongly smell is related to memory, so now a certain sent can bring back to that beautiful island. Pure Pastel Mint by Betty Barclay, a perfume that I've been using during the trip, either when walking around those charming little streets, or driving to the mountains on a hunt for a magical view.  It's a perfect fresh, summer scent, that has become my go-to summer perfume, bringing a little bit of that Mallorca vibes into my everyday life!


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