Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wearing Marella TropicOOz collection

Following up my previous post, here it is, the Marella's exclusive TropicOOz collection that I'm wearing from head to toe in today's post! The collection was made in collaboration with famous illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli whose characteristics can be found in the patterns and colours of every single piece. As you can tell by the name of the collection, they were inspired by memories of travels to tropical destinations, everywhere from Californian dessert to Mexico which reflects in lush green tones, intense pink and lively blue colors. Of course every piece holds a little bit of that tropical vibe, so patterns like palm trees, flowers and hummingbirds are a must! And as she likes to describe this collection:
"TropicOOz is like eating a slice of watermelon at three o'clock in the morning, dozing off on the balcony surrounded by hummingbirds, a jungle in a trolley. TropicOOz is an out of focus photograph located between a bus stop and a forest. A storm in August. A souvenir on the bedside table that disappeared following morning."

And for all my Slovenian followers:

Pridružite se mi na ekskluzivnem dogodku kjer bomo v četrtek, 11. maja v Galeriji Emporium, skupaj odkrivale TropicOOz kolekcijo!



Anonymous said...

This is such a charming, cruise chic outfit, perfect for Summertime!

Live-Style20 said...

so nice pics =)))


i invite to me too


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