Sequins for the win

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diesel dress/ Adidas sneakers/ Zara coat/ Jimmy Choo bag/ Zara glasses

I know, I know, I'm super duper late with these posts, but I still have a few shots from Milan to show you! I'm currently moving to a new apartment, so you can imagine that the last couple of weeks have been pretty stressful (not to mention I have no idea where half of my stuff is) and keeping up with regular posting is pretty much a mission impossible. But I'm finally sharing one of my looks I wore during Milan fashion week, which is actually slightly unusual for me (as I don't usually go for so much colour). Well I believe fashion weeks are a perfect excuse to step out of your comfort zone and play with fashion a little bit more, so if that means walking around looking like a sequin rainbow, so be it! :)
Have a lovely day everyone!



Anonymous said...

That dress was made for you! You are looking so glamorous and chic!

7sevendays said...

trench mania

Live-Style20 said...

so nice pics; ))


i invite to me too


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