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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Total look Topshop

Jeans, the most ultimate, iconic piece of clothing that is an absolute must in every woman's closet. It's one of the easiest, yet most practical and versatile pieces that can be used in so many different combination and for so many different occasions. For what is more, they come in many different styles, shapes and colors, all in attempt to emphasize our best features. Of course it might take a while to find a perfect pair, buying jeans takes time and trying on around one hundred different pairs, before you find the ones! But to speed up the process just a little bit for me, my ultimate go-to brand when it comes to jeans, would definitely have to be Topshop. Their range of different sizes (remember it's not only about the waist size, but also about the length!), styles and shapes makes buying jeans a little more simple and definitely less stressful. And after living in skinny jeans for the last couple of years (while flirting with flares from time to time), this season I decided to try out something a little bit different, mom jeans to be precise. But not just that, I decided to give the patched jeans trend a try and all I can say is, spring I'm ready for ya!

How about you, what's your favorite style? :)




Anonymous said...

This is one of your edgiest and best outfits I've seen in a while! LOVE your sweater and futuristic boots!

7sevendays said...

wow, lately you are more stylish than ever, nice jeans

Helena Resende said...

Cool look :)

Tam Anh said...

I love this outfit so much. I love patches, pink, mom jeans, and metalic. You actually combine all this spring trend on this look.

On Trend said...

I love this outfit. I love pink, patches, mom jeans, metalic. You actually combine all this spring trend on your look

Unknown said...

Im really loving the embroidered trend on jeans, theyre so cool!!
Areli's April
Areli's April on Bloglovin

Live-Style20 said...

so cute look:}

i invite to me too

Maruša said...

Sem videla na Instagramu in morala pogledati še tu! Res hud stajling, čudovito izgledaš!!!

The Annette Vogue said...

Love this outfit!

Lydia said...

Oh you look super good in this look! I definitely love my boyfriend/ loose jeans most :)


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