If I were to go to prom..

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wearing total look by Topshop

Quite some time has passed since my own prom and quite a lot has changed since then. I was already a little fashionista (or at least I liked to think I was one) back then, so my dress might not has been as traditional, but still I remember how much fuss I made around it. I first saw my dress at one of those wedding/prom fairs but quickly convinced myself that it was too expensive and that I'll find another one. Well long story short, I spent hours and hours looking for a perfect one, until I realised I got my mind set on the one I saw at the fair, which was definitely my dream dress at the time and it was the one I wore at the end. 
But if I were to go to prom now, I think things would be a little bit different. I can't really speak for my 18 year-old self, but one thing is for sure, my first (and probably last) stop when looking for a prom dress would be Topshop, where a chic, stylish and fashionable prom outfit is pretty much guaranteed!


photos: Katarina Veselič


Unknown said...

Some really nice clicks!
Love your outfit :)

Tjaša Kemperle said...

Ful huda oblekca!
Ja jst pa sem svojo maturantsko oblekco kupla v topshopu in jo se danes po skor 10ih letih se vedno lahko nosim :)

Lp, Tjaša

7sevendays said...

this is one of the best cocktail dresses that i have seen lately, amazing colour, sexy, but not too much


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you're looking so feminine and vamp in this outfit! That laced dress was made for you to wear it!


Barbarella said...

Lovely post! :)



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