Everyday is Valentine's day

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wearing Etam lingerie

Valentine's day is just around the corner, so heart shaped chocolates, cheesy cards and sexy lingerie have taken over the stores. Now don't get me wrong, I think Valentine's day is an adorable holiday, I find the idea of celebrating love super sweet and I don't really mind the hype around it. But I think Valentine's day is also some sort of a reminder, that we should express and spread love all year around and not just on that particular date. And the same goes with lingerie. Of course we should treat ourselves and maybe take an advantage of Valentine's day to get some new pieces. But as I said many times before, lingerie is a foundation of every outfit, so as far as that goes, everyday should be a Valentine's day!


photos: Katarina Veselič

Special thank's to Grand Hotel Union Business.


Live-Style20 said...

so amazing :>

i invite to me too


Natali said...

Very beautiful and feminine!


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! I liked this blog sooo much it's really awesome I liked your creativity your way.I have also gone through your other posts too and they are also very much appreciate able, I'm just waiting for your next update to come as I like all your other posts... well I have also made a video of my art hope you go through it on my channel your feedback is important subscrib if you like.valentines , happy valentines

Lydia said...

Totally agree, just wearing pretty things already puts me in a good mood :)



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