Dar Ayniwen

Friday, December 9, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know, that I just returned home from another amazing trip, from Marrakech to be exact. Together with Ajda and Katarina we spent a few days in this colorful, live city, exploring their culture and of course discovering new, amazing and remarkable places, starting with Dar Ayniwen. An incredible hidden jam, that made our trip even more memorable and special. Situated a little bit outside Medina, Dar Ayniwen is a perfect place to escape, recharge and take a break from the hectic city that can be a little bit exhausting and overwhelming. This charming little hotel, was built in 1986, as a dream house of Abtan family, where they lived for 14 years. When they bought the other half of the land, the property quickly become way to big for the family, so they decided to turn it into a guesthouse, or as the owner like to say, the "genuine guesthouse". They kept all of the original decor and furniture from their home, which gives the place that homey feeling and makes it stand out from other hotels and riads. Of course that is also for their incredible garden (the place is super eco-friendly with special heating and water systems) with amazing flora and fauna, including bird sanctuary, pools and charming little hidden places where you can really rest, relax and get ready for exploring the city and some serious bargaining at the Souk! :)



7sevendays said...

woooow, this place sounds like the paradise


Natali said...

You girls look wonderful!! Beautiful place , def. worth visiting!


Tjaša Kemperle said...

Waaaw, res lepo!


Wow so beautiful!!!



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