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Monday, November 21, 2016

Total look Max&Co.

This look might be a little bit different and unusual for me, as I don't tend to wear so much color, but it is exactly what I was going for, when doing this super fun collaboration with Max&Co. and Lili in Roza. The idea was to create a look around the adorable Miss Juno bag, that I personally own and has been my favorite fall/winter bag this season. As mine is in dark, burgundy color, with this look I decided to challenge myself and style this much brighter, orange version, that I think would spice up even the most simple look and make these grey, winter days a little bit more fun! :)
Have a lovely day everyone!


P.S. V trgovini Max&Co. imaš do konca novembra 20% popust, vse kar moraš storiti je, da na blagajni poveš ime mojega bloga! ;) 

1 comment:

Natali said...

I think that you did great! Even though this outfit might be "more colourful" than your other lords, I still think that this outfit is very "you" and suits you perfectly!



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