Aria Budapest Hotel

Friday, November 4, 2016

I really enjoyed my trip to Budapest and one of the main reasons for having such an amazing time was my stay Aria Budapest Hotel, the hotel that pretty much blew me away! Aria Budapest Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel inspired by music. It's a part of Library Hotel Collection and it was designed by Zoltan Varro, who incorporated the musical concept in every step, but with a really unique yet luxurious and modern feel. 
The hotel consists of four wings, each dedicated to a major music genre- Classical, Opera, Contemporary and Jazz. I was staying in a Contemporary section, in Jimmy Hendrix's room in particular. As the hotel, the room was incredible as well (hello velvet details!), with the coolest artwork by Joseph Blecha. Everything from playing music as loud as you wish (room is soundproof of course), to sipping my Nespresso in my favorite Etam pajamas, on the beautiful balcony with a view on Saint Stephen's Basilica! But my balcony was nothing in comparison with their rooftop, that gives you a spectacular view on the whole city! 
Besides the beautiful rooms and incredible views, this hotel has so much more to offer. First of all I can't get over their interior as all of the spaces are designed with so much thought and effort. As we were in the "city of spas", the hotel of course has it's own Harmony Spa that offers a wide range of spa treatments, everything from simple massages, to more intensive and structured detox and anti-aging nourishment to really relax and spoil yourself. Which brings us back to the rooftop and the High Note SkyBar, as there's no perfect getaway without delicious food right? High Note SkyBar is a landscaped rooftop garden, where you can enjoy everything from personal dining to cocktails but with that majestically view of course! 
So here's just a little glimpse into this incredible hotel and if you ever go to Budapest make sure to stop by, if nothing else just for a little interior inspiration, as I promise you, this hotel will blow you away as well!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Unknown said...

this hotel seems very nice


Natali said...

Ok, you've totally "sold" me on this hotel! Loved the photos and review!


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