Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Zara shorts and vest/ Adidas sneakers/ Viva's Project bag/ Celine sunglasses

Hello, hello from New York! We took these photos during our trip to New York in September, but as I'm back in the city again (make sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I've been up to), I thought it was a perfect opportunity to finally post them! As much as I love Manhattan, Brooklyn has a charm of its own. Dumbo in particular of course, especially this iconic street that is definitely a place to stop by! For what is more, I was really happy to bring a little bit of Slovenian fashion along with me, also known as Viva's project tote bag, that has quickly become my absolute go-to bag. As much as I've been trying to wear smaller bags, I think we will all agree that a good tote bag can be a true holy grail among handbags. And the fact that it's made by a Slovenian designer makes it even more special, so could I ask for more? :)

Have a lovely day everyone!



Natali said...

Seeing these photos... I miss NYC so much! You're looking fabulous as always!


Basmilia said...

great !


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