When music and fashion meet

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Front row shop jacket/ NewYorker top/ Adidas leggings/ Frends headphones

I'm one of those people that can't imagine working out without music. For what is more I would actually probably skip the workout all together, if I forgot to charge my ipod, as for me music is the one that keeps me going. It's the good bit or my favorite song that would lift me up when I start to feel tired and when I feel like quitting, so cool playlist can definitely be a lifesaver. But besides music, fashion definitely plays an important role when it comes to finding a motivation for working out. Feeling good in your workout clothes is a number one rule, plus with a cute outfit I think it's a little bit easier to get yourself in the game. So, what happens when you mix music and fashion together?...Frends headphones! They are chic and stylish, but yet perfect for working out and if you guys like them as much as I do, stay tuned, as something really cool is coming up! ;)

Have a beautiful day everyone!



Live-Style20 said...

so great style!! ;-)))

i invite to me too


Lydia said...

I totally agree with all that you said about working out - a good playlist and cute outfit really gives me the motivation I need :)



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