Toyota trip

Friday, June 3, 2016

Great company, smooth ride, magical hotel, beautiful city and delicious gelato are just a few things that would describe our little getaway. If you follow us on our social media, I'm sure you already know, that Ajda and I, together with master behind the lens Katarina, decided to take a little trip and drive to Trieste for a fun day full of adventure! And as you would expect from two fashion enthusiasts, we were driving in style, in Toyota Yaris Hybrid to be specific! 
It might looks small but this adorable (and really eco-friendly) little car is actually quite spacious, which, coming from two fashion bloggers that of course over packed and brought along way to many things, is probably quite a reliable information. Our first stop was Castello di Miramare, one of the iconic tourist spots for sure, but definitely one of those magical places that I always like to come back to. We then drove back to the center of Trieste and that was when I really started to appreciate this car. Driving around big cities can be quite hectic (especially in Italy where no one really care about the rules) and with Toyota being an automatic, it turned out to be a real lifesaver. We took advantage of a beautiful sunny weather, so we spent the afternoon wandering around the streets of Trieste and ended the day at magical hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace (which I'll tell you more about really soon). Our drive back was quite a challenge (if you follow me on snapchat you know what I'm talking about :D ), but Toyota beat the heavy rain and a crazy road, bringing us home with fun and really precious memories! Don't forget to check out Ajda's blog for more updates from our trip and stay tuned for something special that is coming to Magnifique really soon!


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