Break free

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The feeling of complete freedom…sounds quite challenging or almost impossible right? My first association goes to the seaside, to the beautiful warm, sunny day, with the light breeze flowing through my hair. Away from home, away from my computer, away from stress and all of those everyday problems. Or it might be when I’m driving alone in my car, during those summer afternoons, listening to music and soaking up the gold sunlight. But it might also be simply somewhere in between that hectic everyday life. When from time to time I actually realize how lucky I am. When I find a moment to stop for a second, breath in, breath out and smile. We are all caught up in this crazy pase, with constant pressure of being and becoming better, always comparing and proving ourselves to others, while trying to find our own little spot in this hectic world. So therefore it’s really important to take a break, embrace the moment and just live. Right here, right now with no real necessity for long hour drives or escaping to the seaside just to find the feeling of freedom. This might be quite challenging I know, but it might be easier than you think especially with a little help. For me, it’s the Teva sandals that do the magic! They are so simple, yet they bring out all of those summer, careless feelings whenever I wear them. So walking around my hometown or just sitting by the river, my Teva sandals makes me feel free and simply happy!  
But I’m curious, what makes you feel free? Share an image of your original summer moment on Instagram with a hashtag #originalsummer, follow @TevaEurope and not only you can win a pair of your own Teva sandals, but you might win a once in a lifetime US road trip for two!


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