Running with Adidas

Monday, May 9, 2016

StellaSport jacket and top/ Adidas sneakers

I've been a runner for almost a decade, when last year I had to take a break due to terrible knee pain. But as most of you know, as a part of Bloggers running with Adidas project, I am slowly getting back, this time with my new Adidas sneakers. 
For me one of the first things I've noticed when trying out these shoes is how incredibly light they are. Seriously, it's almost like you are running barefoot! Another thing I really like about them is how comfortable they are, as with floating arch,they fit the feet perfectly. They do feel a little bit different I must say, so it took me a little time to get used to them. Especially since I feel like they won't let you slack. The thing is, one of the reasons why I was dealing with knee pain is my wrong running technic. I tend to run on my heels instead of my toes and with these shoes you have to be extra careful, to make sure you are running properly. So keeping that in mind, I'm slowly getting back on track, as you know, once a runner, always a runner! ;)

Have a lovely beginning of the week everyone!



Natali said...

Awesome sporty combo!! Love Adidas!!

MILEX said...


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