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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goodies <3

Riding in style #mojMercedes

Snowy mornings. 


Favorite snack.

Beautiful and really special Christmas gift.

Me time.

Studio life.

Fridays in all black.

Bobbi Brown event.

Sunny Ljubljana.

Sweet moments.

Hello everyone! Can you guys believe it's February already? I'm actually really happy for the new month to start, as I find January to be pretty depressing and a real boring month, while there are so many things I'm really excited about in the month of February, not to mention we are one month closer to spring! So if you were wondering what I've been up to in these days, here's a little summary, but for more updates make sure to follow me on Instagram (@tesajurjasevic)!

Have a beautiful day everyone!



Natali said...

Beautiful photos Tesa, you have a great profile! Have a wonderful February!

7sevendays said...

how much i love that mannequin

Live-Style20 said...

so cute pics; -))

i invite to me too


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