The skinny scarf

Monday, September 14, 2015

Zara blazer and scarf/ H&M jeans and hat/ Proenza Schouler bag

The skinny scarf is one of the biggest trends this season and it's actually one of the trends that I really like and I'm really looking forward to rock as much as possible. Not so much for the trend itself actually, but for the memories that this tiny piece of fabric brings along. Fashion is all about repeating itself, bringing back old, long forgotten trends that takes us back to certain periods of life. For me it all started with Adidas Superstar sneakers that I used to wear throughout high school and are now one of my favorite pairs of shoes and the same goes for the skinny scarf. I remember like it was yesterday- at the end of elementary school I was obsessed with the movie What a girl wants, that inspired me to save my money and buy myself a long skinny scarf, just like the one Amanda Bynes was rocking in that movie and I used to wear it every single day, so I won't be surprised if history repeats itself! ;)

Have a beautiful beginning of the week everyone!



Miss Z said...

You look fantastic! Love the shoes! :)

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

great look honey!

Live-Style20 said...

so cute look ; -))

i invite to me too

Natali said...

What an amazing statement outfit!? You look fantastic!

Unknown said...

What an amazing look! For me it all started with de Adidas Superstar Rize. When I was younger I was a huge fan of the Olsen Twins. They had shoes like these and I wanted them so badly. Now, ten years later I'm wearing them with a big smile on my face!

Any |

Bianca Nieves said...

Love everything about this outfit! x

Unknown said...

You are slaying this look :o Love it

Agnes x

Katja - Viva la vida blog said...

Tega filma se pa spomnim hahaha :) !

Čeprav imam rajši over sized šale, če sem iskrena...


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