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Monday, September 21, 2015

Today I wanted to share with you something really special, that I became a part of some time ago and I couldn't be more excited about it! If you follow my blog for a while now, you know that Nina Šušnjara is by far my favorite Slovenian designer and I was really lucky to wear some of her designs during fashion weeks around the globe. But this year has been even more special for a talented designer, as there are some huge changes happening and I can't even express how incredibly excited I am to be a part of this new beginning! New York fashion week for Interdependent  designers, where we presented our latest collection is just a beginning of this crazy journey, so without further ado, I'd like to present you S U S N Y A R A, a new brand with a special mission, that is to create new urban legends!

S U S N Y A R A It is a brand with awareness of the environment, where urban surroundings and nature walk hand in hand. It is a brand that interprets everything around it on its own. It writes its own story with the smell of dirt and essence of glamour, combines nature with city vibes and explains past in its modern language. 
S U S N Y A R A is a brand with a twist. One way or another, this multi-faceted and unpredictable brand will always reflect the impact and presence of raw materials from nature, sometimes in the literal sense, then again in the figurative, urban and quite progressive spirit. But every time, full of contrasts and with dedication for new products & ideas. 
We believe that this is a brand for special, different and unique women. A woman with character and strong step. A woman who believes in street style or avant-garde fashion. Our vision is to write untold stories , scream passion and embrace our artistic environment all at the same time.

K A R D I A Collection Spring/Summer 2016 

The collection of Spring/Summer 2016 is a rebirth. An outcome of a revival which happens as a consequence of overcoming obstacles and recalculating coordinates in order to move forward. Imagine a lotus flower enriched with past-live experiences placed in an urban setting. Tender, tough, primal, complex, familiar but oh so exotic. Full of contradictions which are instinctively attracted to each other. In the spirit of organic lust for life, despite the harsh circumstances of the concrete jungle in which the S U S N Y A R A woman resides, she retains the pose of a Greek goddess. A goddess that in her hands does not hold her attributes, but instead she holds a new handbag.

photo: Klemen Razinger


mualliffachrozi said...

Cool style and very inspiring post
I love the concept in your pitures:)
Keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia:)
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Live-Style20 said...

so pretty look ; -))

i invite to me too



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