Monday, January 12, 2015

Gestuz jacket and sweater (get it HERE)/ Zara boots (similar HERE)/ NewYorker backpack/ Zara jeans (similar HERE)

From girly girl, to a complete tomboy, that's how quickly my style can change. It always depends on my mood and how I'm feeling that day, so during the weekend (when we shot these photos) you are really likely to see me wearing something like this- simple, relaxed and comfortable, just how all the weekends should look like!
Have a beautiful beginning of the week everyone!


Ylenia Sarah D'Agostino said...

One of my favourite looks! I adore the backpack ♡
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Pialunja said...

love the backpack!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Natali said...

This outfit looks great on you! I like your boots and jacket very much!

L`s Fashion Diary said...

Love this look !
The jacket is really cool :)
Love, L

Anonymous said...

You look like shit!


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