Autumn afternoon

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Theory cardigan (similar HERE)/ Zara sweater/ H&M jeans (similar HERE)/ Zara loafers/ H&M hat and bag

Watching the leaves falling down and the nature going through such beautiful transformation, it makes me feel like another chapter is coming to an end. A chapter of many ups and even more downs, but a chapter that thought me a lot, especially about myself. Walking around during those incredible autumn afternoons, when the nature couldn't get any more beautiful, make me appreciate every single moment, every single challenge and every single person that has been a part of my life so far and I get really excited about the future...a little bit scared...but excited.
Have a beautiful day everyone!



Live-Style20 said...

fine style!! ;>>


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Rachel-Beth said...

Cute look! Love the layers of black

Rachel xx

Fashion Party blog said...

Love the hat!

Unknown said...

That coat is amazing <3 Love this look :))

Kisses, Kali
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aliceFashion said...

Fantastic cardigan, you look great :)

Alice ♥

Natali said...

Great shoes and coat, I like this outfit very much!

Unknown said...

I like the hat! I am looking for one myself! Lovely purse and great shoes!
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Unknown said...

I love this look ! And I had a big crush on your cardigan :)

Mihaela said...

this is so great! i absolutely love it :D


Helena said...

So cool!!! Love it!


Fash Boulevard said...

A perfect look. Chic and cool. Fabulous as always, love. :) xx

Beckerman Girls said...

SOOOOO RADD!!! Love your all black look! SOO badass and cool!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Unknown said...

Love that top and hat! So cute!


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