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Monday, August 18, 2014

L'oreal Paris professionnel Inoa color care/ L'oreal Paris professionnel Liss unlimited masque/ L'oreal Paris professionnel Pro-keratin blow dry cream

Today we are going to talk about hair. Now first and foremost, let me start this article by saying that I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to hair care, what is more, for a long time I haven't really paid any attention on what I was putting on my hair, as my hair has always been healthy and strong. So therefor I didn't really care about the products, when you would ask me what hair products I was using, I would usually answer "the one that I could find at home", as I was sure the majority products worked pretty much the same. But don't get me wrong, my hair isn't really that perfect as it might sounds as it actually gets really dry and frizzy from time to time. So when I was contacted by L'oreal, you can imagine I wasn't sure if this collaboration could really work (you know, me not trusting in hair care products), but I decided to give it a try and test some of their hair products, that were supposed to be perfect for my hair type. And boy, they really are! My hair has never been smoother, shiner and softer! Sure it was pretty healthy before, but after using the whole L'oreal treatment, the frizziness and dry ends are pretty much gone! 
As you can see by the photos, I tried out three of their products, starting by washing my hair with Inoa color care shampoo, followed by Liss unlimited masque and Pro-keratin blow dry cream, that protects my hair when blow drying it. And so, if you have problems with dry hair just like I did, I would definitely recommend these products, as they truly work!
Have an amazing day everyone!



Anonymous said...

What the fuck? Delaš reklamo za ene umetne produkte polne kemije...in preverjeno NISO tako efektivni kot jih reklamiraš. Sponzoriran članek pačp, od katerih imaš korist samo ti.

Tesa said...

Mene osebno so izjemno pozitivno presenetili in sem na svojih laseh opazila veliko razliko, tako da z moje strani kot napisano same pohvale :)


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