Magnifique style: Overalls

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Overalls have been around for quite a while now, but I must say it wasn't until recently, when I decided to give them a chance. I'm not sure if it was the fact that they used to reminded me of my childhood uniform too much, but I finally realized they can be styled in many different ways. From casual to really chic and edgy, here are a few ideas, how I would style three different overalls in three completely different looks:

The first look is my version of an all white look, as overalls are the perfect piece for rocking the popular trend. I paired them with statement top, since mixing different textures add depth and extra dimension, making the whole look much more interesting and diverse. 

Second look is one of those laid back looks, where comfort is the main priority, but we still want to keep it chic and polished. So for this look, my main focus were accessories, that I kept really bright and colorful, making the outfit much more playful. But to make it even more fun, don't forget to unbutton one strap of your overalls!

Who new overalls can be worn for a night out as well? I styled my last outfit around a pair of leather overalls, and I must confess, this look is a little bit different as something I would normally wear. But sometimes you simply have to step out of your comfort zone and if that means wearing a gold python jacket and a pair of real statement heels, so be it! 

Let me know which look is your favorite and have an amazing day everyone!


1 comment:

Patti Kao said...

Love all these overall looks! I've been thinking about trying some, but been a little hesitant because I don't know how to style them!

With Love,


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