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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My spring cleaning has officially begun, starting with my closet of course. One of the basic rules, that every woman should live by is that, if you haven't worn an item for a whole year, it's time has come to an end. So I ended up with a huge pile of clothes, that I'm planning on donating and selling, but I also ended up with a much emptier closet. So I've been spending quite some time in Zara lately and I found some amazing basic pieces that are definitely going to refresh my wardrobe. Which one is your favorite? :)
Have a great day everyone!



Caroline said...

i want THESE JEANS !!

Anonymous said...

Kje lahko kupimo kaksna oblacila, ki jih ne nosis vec? :)

Unknown said...

I realy love the jeans, are so amazing!!! But all clothes are beatiful. Kiss! Andrea

Basmilia said...

Nice :)


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