What's in my bag- fashion week edition

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Since I just spent a few days in Milan for fashion week, I decided to share with you my main essentials for running around fashion shows all day long. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s keepin’ it light. I remember the first time I came to Milan for fashion week and I packed my bag with so many unnecessary items, so that I was dragging around a big heavy bag that left me sore and tired. So therefore I try to stick with smaller bags, that won’t allow me to bring so many things, just like this Proenza Schouler bag from Monnier Freres, that travelled with me to Milan this time. So here are some of my fashion week essentials:

my phone: Instagram, emails, phonecalls, map, etc. Aka I’m pretty much lost without it!

- a planner: I have two, and I’d normally use the bigger and brighter one, but in case it won’t fit the bag, my little one works just fine.

sunglasses: Not only they protect my eyes, but they are also my number one accessory that I can’t imagine leaving my house without.

a compact mirror: Especially when I’m wearing a lipstick, this baby is a must!

hair ties: No real explanation behind them, besides that sometime I like to change my hairstyle in the middle of the day.

-business cards: to stay professional of course :)

- snacks and chewing gums: If there’s enough space the bottle of water comes along as well, but I always make sure to keep my tummy full and my breath fresh.

-last but not least, there’s a special product I’d like to talk about and it’s NIVEA Q10 roll-on:

It’s a product that I’ve discovered some time ago and I’ve been using it ever since. With it’s light and hydrating formula it’s used under your eyes and it reduces the signs of puffiness, fatigue and the appearance of under eyes wrinkles and what is (for me) the most important, it makes you feel much more fresh and awake. And believe me, after running around all day long, this baby was a life savior!

Have a great day everyone!



Unknown said...

i love it!!

xoxo from rome

Nadja said...

Wow, you got a Proenza! :) I would love to read your review of the bag after you've used it a couple of times, since I'm planning on buying the PS11 as well.


Ivana Džidić Split said...

I will probably try it.

S said...

love your purse!

Unknown said...

So cute! I don't leave home without my sunglasses too :)


Basmilia said...

Great !

Unknown said...

Čudovit blog! Obožujem tvoj stil! ;)



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