Monday, February 3, 2014

Today, we are going to talk about a subject, that has never been discussed on Magnifique before- skincare. I have a very dry and sensitive skin and until now for me it has been pretty much all about moisturizing (aka treating a moisturizer pretty much as my holy grail). Other than that, I've never had any serious skin problems, I am one of those lucky bastards that pretty much escaped acne period during my teenage years and I'm not really familiar with some serious breakouts, although having a very sensitive skin, brings a whole lot of other problems, trust me! So when I got a chance to try Philips' Visapure I was a little bit skeptical (and a little bit nervous I must admit) if it would work for my skin at all and how would my skin reacts to such product. Well it turns out, I was worried for nothing and that my whole experience with Visapure, was nothing but positive! One of the best benefits of this little (and so stylish) advice for me is the fact, that it really helps with absorption of the skin care products and my skin feel really soft and so much smoother. It also helps to remove all of those death cells and it cleans my whole face perfectly. I use it every other day, simply because as I said my skin is really sensitive, so I like to give it a little break in the middle. So all I can say is, if you haven't already, I recommend you try this little baby asap! :)
Have a great beginning of the week everyone!



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spelupola said...

Ravno včeraj sem čekirala forume kako je s tem visapurom. Sicer nisem tist lucky bastard, ki bi jo odnesel brez aken, vidim pa, da tale proizvod dobiva same pohvale. :)

Mimogrede, ker se prvič javljam na tem blogu, spremljam ga sicer že nekaj časa, vse pohvale. Lep, pregleden in zanimiv. :)

Unknown said...

Very interesting stuff!

Shopping Lady said...

Thanks for the news!

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Basmilia said...

nice :)


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