Magnifique's 5th birthday

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Even though the holidays are officially over, celebration hasn't ended for me just yet, since today is Magnifique's 5th birthday!! 
It might seem like quite a big number, but as I like to joke, when it comes to my blog and its history, we have two phases- the pre and post Žiga phase (Žiga being the official photographer of Magnifique), since with him my blog has changed completely. I own him pretty much everything for helping me work on my blog, supporting me and pushing me to move forward and work even harder. Not only he's my biggest supporter, he's also my biggest critic. And I believe a constructive criticism is one of the best ways to grow and become even better and better.
I think with his help, the past year has been the biggest year for my blog so far. I attended Milan fashion week, collaborated with many different brands and designers and we worked on some really fun and interesting projects.
But our hard work wouldn't be anything without all of you, my lovely readers, that keep coming back to Magnifique on a daily basis. You guys are the main reason why I keep on trying to pursue my dreams and pushing myself whenever I feel like quitting. So thank you for going through this little journey with me, that I promise you, is going to become even better! :)


P.S. To make the whole birthday even more special, Monnier Freres (that currently has sale going on) is offering an extra 10% off for all of my readers! Just use the code MFBMNF10!


Natali said...

Happy 5th blog anniversary :) Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Great video ! Happy 5th birthday of your blog !


miasmode said...

Happy 5th blogaversary!! Love the cool video!!

xx Mira

Martina said...

Yeeeey! Congrats! Keep it up!!!!!

Tjaša Kemperle said...

čestitke :D

Style Servings said...

Congratulations! Your blogjust keeps getting better and better! :) x

barbara said...

Čestitam za 5. rojstni dan bloga! :)
P.s.: Vajini filmčki so vedno fajni :)

Elizabete said...

You're amazing! I loved video so much! Happy 5th blog anniversary Tesa. :)

Unknown said...

Very very glad I discovered your blog! Such a fun video and I can't wait to follow you in 2014 :)

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! :)
stylist wonderland by Gosia Baszak

Anita Puksic said...


Filmček je res fajn, poln sreče! (:

Basmilia said...

Happy New Year !


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