Quality before quantity

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Zara sweater/ H&M jacket/ Guess boots/ Ebay earcuff

One of the things that I would always tell an inspiring blogger that comes up to me for an advice is "quality before quantity". Of course it's much easier to be said than done, especially when you spend a few hours getting ready for a shoot, looking for a location and shooting of course. But sometimes photos look so much better on set and on camera, but when you put them on the computer, you realize they just aren't what you've been expecting. So at that point it's all up to you, finding the best solution for you and your blog. Sometimes a good editing can make a drastic change, but sometimes the photos just simply aren't good enough and therefor can't be posted. And that's exactly what happened with this look, that was supposed to be posted on magnifique yesterday, but due to my motto and the final result, we decided to reshoot them. I'm much happier with these photos, so if that means I had to skip a day of posting, so be it! :)
Have an amazing Sunday everyone!



Natali said...

Such a cozy look! Beautiful coat!


Caroline said...

nice outfit and truly words


Anonymous said...

Well..nothing special. And the boots are way too big for your legs. I can't believe, these beautiful Guess boots can even look ugly on too skinny legs. No go, sorry. Maybe you should eat something during these holidays so you won't look anorexic (legs!) and even the outfits will look better, right?

katja said...

tale pulovr zgleda tako topel! najbrž sploh ne rabiš še kaj čez oblečt :D
pa super škorenjci :)

Patrícia M. said...

Love this outfit! It looks really cozy and beautiful!


Basmilia said...

beauty :)

Unknown said...

I agree, I always try to make sure my photos are up to my standard before posting. Although its hard, I feel prouder of my blog that way :)


Unknown said...

Pretty look.
Thanks for your comment.
Very soon.
good holidays

Kacie Cone said...

You look gorgeous, loving the ear cuff!


c said...

You look amazing!


Anonymous said...

Nice cosy look! Love the roll neck!


Svetlana said...

Wow, super lep Outfit :)
The overknees res super zgledajo s tem sivim pulovrom :)

Svetlana od Lavender Star

jas said...

i love a big, over-sized chunky knit! yours is fab.

reckless abandon

Claire said...

Very nice look ! Do you put something on your hair like laquer or gel ? :)

Unknown said...

nice outfit.i like better without coat


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