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Saturday, October 26, 2013

1- ready for my makeup session
2- beautiful fall colors
3- selfie
4- favourite mexican food for lunch

1- MK situation
2- out and about in Ljubljana
3- <3
4- #mymanthecook

1- perfect way of starting a new day
2- this bag!
3- fall in Ljubljana
4- with my lady Aisha

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Have an amazing weekend everyone!



Caroline said...

yummy food my dear :-)

Natali said...

Food looks delish! Last two photos are beautiful!

Marina Ghirga said...

Great pics!!!!

Lady K. said...

I love that purple MK bag and white fluffy sweater!

Kacie Cone said...

That big red bag is gorgeous!!

Coline Chavaroche said...

i love your insta pics dear!


Coline ♡

Tijana Momcilovic said...

nice pics

Anonymous said...

lovely instagram photos. love these type of posts. xx

Live-Style20 said...

nice pics|! ;>>

i invite to me too

Faye_Oliviaa said...

what lovely photographs they are absolutely beautiful and so is that bag! xx

София Вукович said...

Slučajno sem te našla tukaj
Sem iz Rusiji ampak malo govorim slovensko)) Lepe slike!


Nora Armani said...

Lovely photos! Thank you for you comment dear. You have a nice blog. Let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. I'll follow you right back. Have a great day.

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