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Thursday, October 10, 2013

1- my coolest iPhone cover
2-from where I stand
3- beautiful Ljubljana
4- the best burger in town

1- Saturday morning coffee
2- beautiful autumn colors
3- details
4- need a pillow? :)

1- Ljubljana's beautiful architecture
2- from where I stand part two
3- just do it!
4- Ljubljana's secret corners

I absolutely love taking Instagram photos, especially now when fall has officially arrived in the city and nature looks so incredibly amazing, so for more photos from my everyday life follow me on Instagram (@magnifiqueblog)! :)
Have an amazing day everyone!



Live-Style20 said...

nice pics|!! ;-)|


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Valeria said...

Your phone case is so cute. Nice photos.

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Unknown said...

awesome pics!

Caroline said...

yum yum now im in a mood for juicy burger :-)

Caroline said...

yum yum now im in a mood for juicy burger :-)

Anonymous said...

love your instagram pics, im obsessed with ig.

Natali said...

Beautiful Instagram photos!

Unknown said...

The hamburger seem delicious :)


Coline ♡

Rachel said...

oh wow. that burger looks amazing, It's making me hungry! xo
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nodata said...

Kje pa dobiš tako slasten hamburger v Lj? :)

Tvoj blog je tako hud, nikoli se ga ne bi mogla naveličat :)

Basmilia said...

Nice :)


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