Martina makes magnifique: daytime smokey look

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey guys! I'm super excited about today's post, since it's my very first makeup post! As most of you know, I'm very bad when it comes to makeup (and by very bad we are talking knowledge about mascara and eyeliner only), but I was always very fascinated by it, I love how people use their faces as canvases and how a good makeup can make such a great difference! So therefor, I decided to get some professional help and with an amazing makeup artist Martina, from Martina makes makeup, we created a first, very simple and fresh makeup look, from the new series Martina makes magnifique! I was fascinated how quick and simple the whole process was, so here's how to achieve this look: 

After the foundation, apply a primer to keep your eye shadows in place. For base we used this really bright and natural "bony" color, that you put all over the eyelid and than draw sort of a triangle line with darker brown color, to define the outer line of where you want the eye shadow to be placed. After that it's time for blending and as Martina says you can never over blend, so keep blending and blending until there aren't any harsh edges. The next step is so called "drop shadow", which basically means applying the same dark brown color at the bottom of your eyes, right underneath your bottom eyelashes, to make the whole look a little bit more dramatic. But to soften up the look, blend the line using the same bright color that was used as a base. Then put a little bit of that same color right underneath the eyebrows and add you favourite mascara (add an extra layer to the ends of the lashes for more drama) to really open up your eyes and voila! Eyes are ready, so now it's time for the rest of the face!

Bronzer should be placed right underneath your check bone and quite similar as with the eyes, you create a line and than blend it towards the ears. Then use our famous base, bright color again, this time as a highlight, and put it on your check bones, down your nose, to your cupid's bow (to make your lips look bigger) and a little bit on you forehead and your chin. Finish the look with a neutral lip gloss and you are done!!
As you can see the look is super simple, we only used three colors, so I think even I, as a complete beginner, could recreate this look. 

- Jane Iredale Smooth Affair eye primer
- base colour Jane Iredale Bone eye shadow
- Jane Iredale day time eye shadow kit (Dark suede brown color)
- Jane Iredale Longest lash thickening and lengthening mascara
- Jane Iredale Sunbeam bronzer
- Jane Iredale Cosmo lip gloss

With my girl, who's "guilty" for the look, Martina and a special thank's to Viki's place.

I hope you like today's post and stay tuned for more Martina makes magnifique looks!
 Have an amazing day everyone!



Valeria said...

I like this make up. It's simple and nice.


Live-Style20 said...

awesome|!! ;0)

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riotdontdiet said...

oh i love this, very natural! :)

Karolina said...

Very nice everyday makeup!

xx Karolina

jas said...

you have a great blog. keep doing what you're doing and you will go far.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post!!

Kacie Cone said...

You look gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Hi Tesa !

Nice to meet you ! Thank you for passing by from my blog !
I love this wonderful daytime smokey ,this is what i basically do everyday ! It's the best simple make up fo everybody !

Lets stay in contact !


Basmilia said...

Nice :)


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