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Thursday, September 19, 2013

H&M faux fur vest and beanie/ Zara boots and sweater

I feel like these last days before Milan fashion week, should be all about relaxing and trying to save as much energy as possible for the upcoming crazy days, but it has been pretty much an opposite. I've been running around meetings, putting together final outfits and just trying to get everything done, before the fun madness begins, so the outfit above is pretty much my go to look, when I know I'll be spending the whole day around town.
Have a lovely day everyone!


P.S. (for Slovenian readers only)
Mesec oblikovanja se bliža s super projektom, tako da check it out!


Natali said...

Fabulous boots and tote!

Patrícia M. said...

The fur vest gives it such a cool look!


Anonymous said...

wow you look incredible!
Stunnign outfit dear
Wish you a beautiful day! <3

Evelina said...

Komaj čakam, da nam poročaš o milanskem tednu mode (:
V tej zmedi, pa vseeno uživaj kolikor se le da.

Unknown said...


JACK EN NOIR said...

love your look!

Caroline said...

super super chic !!!! :)

Unknown said...

nice outfit
you look beautiful


Coline ♡

Unknown said...

nice outfit
you look beautiful


Coline ♡

Live-Style20 said...

awesome look ;-)0

i invite to me too

Unknown said...

Fantastic and comfy look! Hope you have fun in Milan, i'm italian so, as you already know, i suggest you the pizza!! And the "cotoletta alla milanese" ;)


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Ivana Džidić Split said...

super stilizacija:) divno izgledaš!

Unknown said...

Super kombinacija :)

Mariana Machado said...

Such a beautiful outfit. Nice post.

Chrissabella said...

Love this look, so cool

Greetings from London,

Maja said...

ful všeč! :):)

Unknown said...

So cool and simple outfit day love that.

Basmilia said...

beauty ! :)

Say Yes Joe said...

Really cute look! So casual but seems perfect :)


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