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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1- Hello May!
2- Taking Aisha to her first walk in the city
3- lazy Sunday morning
4- Spring <3

1- morning coffee
2- look of the day
3- the cutest thing ever
4- home cooked lunch

Yesterday was one of those days when everything seem to go wrong. Not to mention that, of course, the weather wouldn't cooperate with me as well, making things even more difficult. So not only my personal life was a mess, it made me even more angry when it was raining cats and dogs for the majority of the day, so taking outfit photos was pretty much impossible (this reminds me, I need to buy a sexy umbrella asap!!). But well, I really hope I'll manage to snap a few photos today and so that I'll be back to regular outfit posts tomorrow...till then you can follow me on Instagram (@magnifiqueblog) and check out more photos from my everyday life! :)
Have a great day everyone!




Valeria said...

Your dog is so cute. Nice pics.


Caroline said...

love insta pics babe :)

Mish said...

Lovely photos! Your shorts are so cute!

XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

Meraki said...

Aisha is so cute.! love your outfit..waiting to see more : )


Miss Twiggy said...

great moments you had there :D

Unknown said...

do you have instagram ?what's your username ?


Coline ♡

dimitri said...

What a lovely and cute dog! Love these photos. Very nice moments.

Unknown said...

nice photos!!

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Selma said...

cute pictures:)

Barbaraders - Bárbara de Robles said...

i love your pics!! i'm a new follower of yours! if you want to follow me back i would be pleased!

blogthedreams, besitos!

Unknown said...

Great pics !

I love your jacket and I want to take your doggy home with me :D HAHA

Kisses !!

Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda said...

Belle !!! Kiss

Live-Style20 said...

cute; DD

new post

airene said...

Lovely nice post! You have a cute dog. Happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...

inspirador seu blog, visito sempre :)
bjo bjo

Evelina said...

na tretji fotki si tak kul. Pa nisem vedla, da maš tattoo.Kaj piše?

Basmilia said...

Nice !


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