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Friday, April 26, 2013

Zara top/ H&M neon bra and sunglasses/ S'Oliver pants

This neon bra was probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've always liked the (decent) pop of lingerie, since I believe it makes the whole look much more feminine, sexier and a little bit provocative, especially with outfit so simple as the one I'm wearing in today's post. Not to mention the bra is neon so believe you all understand why I love it so much! ;)
Have a great day everyone!





Love this outfit, very beautiful!

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Live-Style20 said...


i invite to me too


Anonymous said...

Love the look.....just gorgeous xx

Caroline said...

great pants babe !! really like the neon touch :)

Unknown said...

you look fab!

xoxo from rome

Daily Life said...

Adore your blog and your looks, you are fantastic!
Many kisses

Lau Figueiredo said...

Love the outfit! And the neon bra certainly adds an extra flare to it! :)


Rothaariges said...

That outfit looks so pretty!

Unknown said...

perfect outfit and pictures


Coline ♡

dimitri said...

It's a very nice outfit. These pieces are really nice together.
Have a wonderful weekend.

SilentBustle said...

neon stands out in your outfit... nice. i like it! ♥

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Unknown said...

pretty outfit! :D

Unknown said...

I love neon lingerie! It looks so nice under a white tank or cami!
Nice outfit by the way :D

Gita said...

Čiiiist hudo.


Miss Twiggy said...

neon lingerie!!! that's what I'm talking about!!! AWESOME :D

Alba Leal said...

Que chulada de color neón y sobre todo que gafas tan preciosas :)
Un besazo enorme desde
Alba Leal

Basmilia said...

Nice :)

Anonymous said...

That is a very nice detail, in deed.

Kacie Cone said...

A bra like that is meant to be shown! You look gorgeous!

Miss APPO said...

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Fashion Reactor said...

Love the neon lingerie hint!!!


Kate said...

really cool outfit, love the pop of neon!
xx Kate

The Style Department

India said...

Love your pants!

LOVE IT said...

Thanks for the comment!
I love lingerie, have many colors, but this is beautiful and is very cute with tops!

Unknown said...

Oooh zalige outfit! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful look ! Love the neon lingerie! Thank you for stopping at my blog, I am following you now!

New look now:

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Soul Fishing said...

Lovely outfit! :)


Anonymous said...

the neon bra is really interesting!! Looks great with white ;) kisses

Unknown said...

love it!

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