PFW day 2

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Third Slovenian fashion week is officially over, but there are still many photos waiting for me to go through and to post them here on Magnifique. I'm lacking a little behind I know, but I was so busy in the last couple of days, so that I decided to take posting slow, since after all the fashion week madness I can finally over and I can take a proper time for blogging. 

But before we go to the collections, I wanted to share a few thoughts about this fashion week. Let me first explain (to the majority of my international readers) how (as a blogger) you get to see the shows here in, we do not get invitations as you might have thought, we have to send applications to receive an accreditation and to become a part of a press section. Don't get me wrong that it completely fine with me, but here is where things become complicated. Sure we were part of the press, but the sad reality is, there was absolutely no selection when giving away accreditations, so of course there weren't enough seats for everyone. And so, me and the rest of the bloggers, were demanded to stand at the back for the whole show. And even that wouldn't bother me that much, if I wouldn't see that at the end, little kids were sitting in the front row and that quite a few people in the press section (that got the chair) didn't seem to be interested in the fashion show at all, since they were spending the whole time looking at their Facebook page. 
So after the first part of the shows I was seriously considering going home (my legs hurt like hell), but my love for fashion and my excitement to see the fresh work of Slovenian designers made me stay and I do believe that designers do respect my work a little bit more, since bloggers (especially us that write in English) are the ones that spread the word about them to the rest of the world.
I guess I can only wish that the rest of the people in the Slovenian fashion business would respect us more.

Anyway as promised here are my favourite collections from day 2:

Maja Štamol

As a designer herself said, the collection was inspired by the memories of her youth and her beginnings of being a fashion designer. And I couldn't agree more. The collection is playful, fun, I love the colour pallet and the choice and the combination of different materials that give that special edge to the whole story.

Simona Lampe

The collection was inspired by rainy and stormy summer days that are caught in amazing lace work and leathery details. But after every rain, the sun comes out and therefore we have different pops of colours (such as that orange dress on the picture above) that  make a very diverse but yet coherent collection. Besides, it was nice to see some bright colours that stood out in calm and basic colours that seem to be very popular among Slovenian designers, for spring 2013.

Alice Bossman

Although I just praised strong colours, this collection was absolutely amazing. I really like the futuristic and at the same time a little bit of a sporty vibe that's going on and due to Alice's work, I think I'm gonna start adding some metallic details to my clothes, since that looks freakin' awesome!

Nika Ravnik

Nika Ravnik knows how to bring the most boring prints to the whole new level, which creates a very chic and interesting look. The collection is super wearable, it is a little bit too sophisticated for my taste but at the same time very inspiring and I can already see what prints I'm going to try out in the near future!

Nena Florjančič

From the moment the first girl stepped on the runway, wearing that sparkling top, I was sold! The collection is fresh and strong and the materials that she used are pretty genius. I love how she played with different textures that create great contrasts that add a little sex appeal, but yet can be worn in a very classical way (for those that are a little less daring). As for the colours, the designer says she wanted to create contrasts that emphasize the natural shape of a woman's body and once again, I think she nailed it!

Ana Jelinič

Last but not least, I decided to show you Ana Jelinič's collection. What I love about it, is that it is very well put together, I love how she thought about details (from hats to bags) that create a great presentation and an integral whole. Not to mention the clothes, that are absolutely perfect for hot, summer days when light materials are a must, especially if you decide to spend the holidays traveling around...oh, did I tell you that here major inspiration were "Japanese tourists"?  :)

All photos by Žiga Domadenik for Magnifique

Stay tuned for my next post if you wanna see what I wore for the second day of Slovenian fashion week! 


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Maja said...

Supr napisano ;)

Live-Style20 said...

super pics!!

i invite to me too :))

Ni Ka said...

dobr si napisala :) in upam da se bo v prihodnje situacija izboljsala :)

Lauren Williams said...

These are all such gorgeous collections, I could never pick a favorite! Love it!

xx lauren

Unknown said...

Jaz sem prejsnje leto (pozimi) pisala organizatorju direktno, napisala zakaj se zelim udelezit FW in kaj mi pomeni to za blog in sem dobila sedez v tretji vrsti in sem bla res ful hvalezna... Letosnje leto sem dobila povabilo ampak mi ni ratal pridit v Slo... tko da mogoce bi se moral blogerji mal pobuniti glede tega in pisat razlicnim ljudem, ki vam lahko podarijo passe? Nevem, glasno razmisljam...
Drugace pa super povzetek!


Tesa said...

js se spomnim ko sem se prvič želela na fw sm napisala zelo podoben mail pa so mi poslali mejl za prijavo na akreditacije in tko hodm na fw zdej vsa leta. Pa me to nč ne mot, kokr sm napisala je problem da niso niti tok da bi nardil mau selekcije in loh dobi akreditacijo čist usak in je potem preveč folka :/

Unknown said...

Slovenian fashion wee is definitely a great find for me! I love that embroided black see-through dress! You have very promising designers, I think!

Our Moscow fashion week is starting in 5 days. So I'll also be receiving an accreditation and covering it

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marta said...

Nika and Ana- these are my favies!

Thoughts, Love & Diamonds said...

So great pictures! :)

Sandra said...

Tudi jaz sem bila kar malo šokirana, ko sem videla otroke v prvi vrsti preko livestreama. Only in Slovenia...

Res škoda, da organizatorji še niso dojeli, kako promocijo lahko bloggerji naredijo za naš fashion week in naše kreatorje.

The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

BMB said...

nice:D Im following U darling:*

Agnieszka Korzeniewska said...

Super inspirations! beautiful umbrella :)

Denisa said...

So nice post. I like the pictures too. Great.

kudels said...

Amazing! I saw your own photos, you are beautfiul :)

dimitri said...

Very nice and interesting collections. I really love Nika Ravnik.

Katarina said...

Mogoce bloggerji res objavljate fotke kreacij, ampak niti vi niti vasi bralci dejansko ne grejo v trgovine in kupijo te obleke. Jaz pac ne bi dajala karte za ljudi, ki na svojih spletnih straneh objavljajo looke z oblekami iz zare in podobnih firm, ker so ravno te korporacije tiste, zaradi katerih so slovenski kreatorji na slabsem.

Ocitno vas modna srenja ne spostuje toliko kot se spostujete sami. Ne vem zakaj vam koncno ni jasno, da zivite v nekem svojem svetu, kjer se oblecete v hm in stradivarius in mislite, da ste nekaj. In reality - you're not all that.


Wow, your outfit is just stunning. Everything is perfect; the sweater, the skirt, love it :)

Unknown said...


vidis tako se vedno razmisljajo ljudje, ki se ne spoznajo prevec na sam marketing in PR, ki sta vitalnega pomena za vsako uspesno podjetje. V dobi socialnih omrezij, ko vsak lahko poda svoje misljenje, ki je cetudi v majhnem obsegu prebran bi morali biti blogerji veliko bolj cenjeni kot so - oz. so cenjeni v tujini in bi morali biti bolj cenjeni v Sloveniji.
Mogoce blogerka kateri si namenila svoj komentar ne nosi luksuznih kreacij kar pa ne pomeni da ni odmeven medij - poglej malce njene statistike... ona je nekdo ki lahko glede na branost ki jo ima veliko pomeni za doloceno znamko katero predstavlja, o njej pise, komentira... marketinski trendi v prihodnosti namenjeno ogromno pozornosti socialnim omrezjem in kilentom samim, blogi pa so tisti na katere se klienti obracajo po nasvete, po informacije, po "navodila" sploh ce bloger uspe pridobiti zaupanje bralca, da je njegov "review" iskren in ne placana reklama... zaradi vseh zgoraj nastetih dejstev se bodo morala podjetja potruditi in ustvarjati pristnejsi odnos z blogerji v svoje dobro.


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