Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm so excited to tell you this... LOVE gave an opportunity to give a dress to one of my readers!! It's an AMAZING store and I'm so happy that they have decided to collaborate with my blog and to award one of you, my beloved readers! The dresses above are just some of my favourites, but of course you can choose your own one here!

So, all you have to do is:

1) Follow my blog with BLOGLOVIN' and Google friend connect
2) Like LOVE on Facebook HERE
3) Like magnifique on Facebook HERE
4) Leave a comment with your name, email and a link of a dress that you would like to win!

(5) Tweet about the giveaway- optional)

The giveaway is international, so everyone can participate. It ends on February the 14th and I'll announce the winner on the 16th!

Good luck everyone!



sandryca said...

moje ime; ALEKSANDRA

good luck to me ;)**

cool hunter said...

amazing skirts!!! thanks for your comment!!!

Eva Gratia Plena said...
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Eva Gratia Plena said...

al pa tale

Eva Gratia Plena said...

kok awesomeeee komi cakam ce bo:)) **

MY WAY said...

Great blog!!!

sara l said...

wow, love these!!
great blog btw! :) xx

Manon Margaretha said...

Thank you !
I love the right green dress !

Sania Cuk said...

love the green dress!! xoxo


Nos gusta mucho el vestido gris y verde de la derecha!!
Gracias por el sorteo

Katja said...

joj kok izbire... tole bi :)))

Unknown said...

so awesome, i follow you everywhere you want :)

Anonymous said...


uff, preveč izbire :) ena od telih dveh

Eva said...


urška_ said...

ali pa tale

preveč izbire za samo eno oblekco ;)

Unknown said...

Hope i get it :)
Tina Černe -

Leona said...

Leona Melíšková

Toinlicious said...
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Barbra said...


A perfect giveaway. :-)

Tjash said...

Super oblekca, ki bi se odlično počutila v moji omari. :)

Tjaša Stojanoski

Eva said...

Eva Medved

Obožujem Love, oblekce so čudovite. :)

barbara said...

Tole je pa super giveaway :)
ime: Barbara
link: z veseljem bi nosila tole oblekco:

lp :)

Tina said...
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Anonymous said...

I didn't even know you had a facebook page. This is lovely.
I love the navy peter pan collar dress:

Caroline said...

amazing giveaway, i love LOVE dresses!

Katarina said...

I'm following you with bloglovin and GFC.
GFC: Katarinna
I liked Love and magnigique on Fb.

Tina said...


Anonymous said...

Name: Joana Williams(real name- Joana Tuna)
link of a dress that i would like to win:

Mia Zupančič said...

O, superca! :) In nasplošno je tvoj blog awesome, škoda, da sem ga šele danes odkrila!

Ime: Mia

Unknown said...

Count me in!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dresses. So sad there's not a topshop in Québec :(

x said...

that green dress is to diee for!

Špela said...

Tesa, tvoj blog spremljam že skoraj od samega začetka in mislim, da nima nobena druga stvar name tako izjemnega navdiha kakor ga ima tvoj blog.. Če bi zmagala na Giveawayu bi bila najbolj vesela oseba na svetu, saj bi mi veliko pomenilo zmagati na nagradni igri mojega najljubšega bloga! :)

Name: Špela Lovšin
Dress: said...

oh and deffs count me in! my email is
my fav one:

Urshac said...

jupiii :D

ime: urshiusz


raj said...
This is my favourite dress, it's gorgeous! xx

diana said...

super giveaway!:D

Vika Vinessa said...

Beautiful blog dear.. And nice giveaway
Vika vinessa
I really love this dress


Unknown said...

Me gustan todos!!!

Un besazo enorme.

Hazel Christopher said...

Have liked both pages on facebook and am following with Bloglovin and GFC.

Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

My favourite dress is this
I think it's so classy and chic! x


Roos. said...

Great blog!
I followed. x

Vera said...

thanks for your comment!
If you like my blog, you can follow it at
I always follow back.


Unknown said...

Woow great post!!!
I love your blog!!

seebacklabel said...

Name:Carolyn K

The Black Chiffon Asymmetrical dress is the dress of my fashion dreams!

Anonymous said...

great post my fav is the green cutout one
please check out my latest post

Ana / Fashionfly said...

Wuhu, super giveaway, krasna izbira! Pa še pohvalit morm tvoje fotke na blogu! Vedno boljše so!!

ali pa


Stephanie Ann said...

follow via gfc - Stefanie Gladden
bloglovin -

Liked both pages on facebook - Stefanie Gladden

email -

tweeted about the giveaway -!/steffers516/status/165121585999659008

and I would pick this dress -

The chic and cheap said...

Beautiful blog!
let me know if you want to follow each other!

stop by , follow and comment my blog > THE CHIC AND CHEAP i will be more than happy to follow and comment you back

Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) said...

1) I follow your blog with BLOGLOVIN' and Google friend connect
2) I liked LOVE on Facebook
3) I liked magnifique on Facebook
4)Laura Dittrich

Dallas Diva said...

Hi Tesa!! I followed you on bloglovin', GFC, and I liked your page and In Love With Fashion's pages on Facebook. I really love this dress:
Thanks for hosting a giveaway! Take care!

brankich said...

great givaeway...i hope so i will win :P
branka :)-->

Yuka said...

my fav. thanks for this giveaway!

Nissy B Unique said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

I've done all the steps and did a post on my blog too (

I love this dress:

xxo Nissy

Isabel H. said...

thank´s! yours is also very nice *__*

Lunn said...

Waa kolk fajn giveaway ;)
Maša, :)
Bom še twitnila o giveawayu, ker je res zakon :D
tale je top:

Aimee said...

Lovely giveaway!

Emilia H,

Ella said...

I like all of them, thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is really cool, you've got a lovely style! Want to follow each other?


Alexa Chunga said...

yupiiii :)

Soraya Moscoso Naveira

sarah rebecca said...

I love the pink one ♥

Cindy Pinheiro said...

Name: Cindy Pinheiro


Paulinka Syc said...


amazing giveaway ! ;)

Marina Reis said...

Marina Reis

Love it <3

SM said...

All done~ Thank you for the chance and hoping to win :)

chocolate_sarcasm on facebook
I will probably get one of these (haven't decided on the color yet):

Anonymous said...

Bianca Bernardini

Anonymous said...

Camilla Rosi
haven't decided yet which one to chose :)

Marta Hidalgo said...

LOVELY!!!! :)

Marta Hidalgo


Camilla said...

Hey you! Thank you for your fabulous blog! I'm from Denmark and I follow you, and you go girl!

Name: Camilla Due Juhre



- Fingers crossed!

Kelly K said...

Hey Tesa!

Thanks for the giveaway! And of course many thanks to LOVE too!
Your blog is great and I really liked your January looks! :) My name is Kalagani Kalliopi, e-mail: and I LOVE this dress:

Have a great day!!

Cátia Macedo said...

Cátia Macedo


Anonymous said...

Diana de Frias

nana said...


peniam said...

Hi :) I'd love to win this one:
Thank you!!

chinda said...

Awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!


Jana said...

Really cute dresses & nice giveaway!


I like this dress most:

ConstatFleur said...


Magda said...


link :

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

I would love to win this dress,

Dasha said...

Čudovite oblekice!!

Ime: Daša

Lep dan ti želim še naprej ;)

Ana said...

name: ana

have a great day! :)

Unknown said...

Facebook: Vanesa Gutiérrez

Anonymous said...

Čau! Zelo mi je všeč tvoj blog!

Ime mi je MARUŠA.

Moj e-mail naslov je:

My favourite dress is

:)))) Would be very happy to win this :)))



Urška said...

Following you with bloglovin' and GFC

Liked your fb page magnifique and Love fb page.

Res sem presenečena koliko Slovenk ima bloge s super posti, stili, vsebino nasploh! Keep up the good work;)

Hoping to win this cuz I'm saving for an Erasmus exchange so that means my wardrobe won't be getting any fresh new items any time soon:)


Moja izbira:

Anonymous said...

Alexa Viajpi (fb name)

following you with bloglovin & gfc

Kelly K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly K said...

Hey Tesa!

I was looking around in the LOVE website and one dress is not enought! I just fell in love with this maxi rose asymmetrical dress and I had to share it with all of you!

Actually since today there are 9 items to my wishlist! I hope I win the giveaway, so I could at list check one of the off the list!

Here are some other items I REALLY liked!
And of course my favorite of them all: !!!!!!!
I am sure all of you agree! I love LOVE!!!! ;)

Unknown said...

I love your blog! Specially your outfits! You have a lot of taste!

The dress I choosed for teh giveaway is:
I really love the asymmetrical length ans the color!

I also love this skirt with more or less the same color but in lurex!

Anonymous said...

all done. u're awesome btw :)


Anonymous said...

Monika :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Visa

MuffinCannibal said...


Unknown said...

I'm joining in

My dress pick is

Unknown said...

Zakon giveaway!



Anonymous said...

Sooo excited about your giveaway!



Anonymous said...


Katherine said...

I just tried to follow your blog but the gadget says it's "configured incorrectly"? I am following by Bloglovin' and both you and LOVE on Facebook :)

Thanks for doing such a fab giveaway!

I'd love to win this dress:
chuey603 at xx

erikamilani said...

enter me please!!
fb: erika milani
gfc: erikamilani
email: erikamilani at hotmail dot it

erikamilani said...

I tweeted here:

Anonymous said...

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Carlin said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures,I also feel llace dress with belt
is look great! Better to show your curves, but you should pay attention to don’t collide with the color of the dress.


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