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Thursday, 19 January 2012

My mood at the moment couldn't be more different than the one on the picture above. If you follow me on Twitter than you probably know how madly I've been studying in the last couple of days...well the day has come and I had my exam today. And all I can say is, there are no words that can describe how mad and angry I am, I'm not a type of person that would normally blame a professor, but this time...I better not even say it!!!

Oh well, life goes on and I can start to study for my next one or lets say ones, sice there are 4 of them that are still waiting for me...Gosh I can't wait for this "exam period" to be over! 

Stay tuned for an outfit post tomorrow! :)


P.S. I actually feel a little better, now that I wrote everything that has been on my mind! I guess the whole "let it out" thing actually works! :D



Eva Ana Kazić said...

Haj Tesa :)

By Sara Romero said...

That is definitely something I do not miss about College! lol But hey, cheer up all the hard work means harder partying once you're done. Looking forward to your outfit post, I like your sunnies.


Sandra Leiva said...

Cute picture and nice blog! <3

erica marie said...

Hope the next four exams go better than this last one. I'm so glad I do more projects than tests in school right now.

xo erica

Aitana said...

nice pic and cute blog ;)


The PvdH Journal said...

Oh I love this!

Sasha Misel said...

love this pict

Nee said...

have fun studying;)


Librafleur said...

Good luck for your exams ;o)



Karen from Trendy Feeling. said...

Hi beautiful, I really like your blog and photos. I hope to read you in a better mood soon lol.

Thank you so much for your comment in my blog, You have a new follower and I hope you can follow me back (if you like my blog).


Anita said...

Lovely photos! You're so pretty.

Luciano said...

lol. it gets better.
wish yu success in ur exams

dinamita.paquita said...


Marzena said...

Love this nice picture ! :D It's so amazing! You've got perfect blog ! Maybe We Can follow each other ? Kiss <3

Julie said...

Hi there. :)

Anonymous said...

Tesa, would you mind writing ap ost about how you stay fit (food, working out)? Good luck with your exams!

Style Servings said...

Good luck with the other exams!

Heather said...

Such a cute picture- good luck studying!!


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