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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a new member of Blogger's wardrobe!! Things are about to change and I still can't believe, that this is all really happening!
Again I would like to thank you all, who had voted for me and helped me to get this amazing opportunity. Magnifique blog wouldn't be what it is now, without all of you, my amazing readers, because you are the one, that are giving me the strenght and motivation to keep doing what I love the most! With Blogger's wardrobe I will be able to put this blog to a whole new level, meaning making it better and better every day!

Love, Tesa
photo: Žiga Domadenik


FrancescaGatti said...


ursa2502 said...

čestitke! ;)

Anita Puksic said...

Čestitke! Ti zavidam in privoščim ;)

Ful lepa si na tej fotki!

Unknown said...

WOW! Congrats to you!


barbara said...

Čestitam! to je pa res dober začetek tedna:)

p.s.: zelo ti pašejo kodri:)

lp, barbara

Lucy Kennedy said...


Katja said...

čestitke še z moje strani! ful vesela, da bomo lahko tudi med slo blogi spremljali nekaj velikega :) upam, da ti to prinese nepozabna doživetja in priložnosti!

Unknown said...

such a great picture, I love it!!!
and congrats!!!


Maruša said...

Čestitke! Super res, nove priložnosti, nive izkušnje, novi cilji! Srečno pri doseganju le teh.
(In se strinjam z ostalimi, kodri ti pašejo, lepa fotka.)

Sam said...

Congratulations dear!

Tesa said...

Hvala vsem!
Thank you all!

Amanda {} said...

congrats love!! that's amazing accomplishment!
and you look soo beautiful in the photo!!


Slađi said...

Iskrene čestitke!!! Zelo lepa slikca by the way! ;)


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