Friday, August 26, 2011


Not so much of a fashionable topic, if you look at it first, but hey, there are lucky ones out there, who are able to consider cars as an accessorie! Have you ever wanted to be one of them just for a day?

In that case, Hertz is probably the one that can helps you out!

Hertz it's the largest car rental company in the world, providing quality rental service for 80 years, specializing in local car rental at affordable rates. Furthermore they are one of the leading providers of the rental and sale of heavy equipment and tools for construction and industrial needs. And to conclude it has set the standard for quality, reliability and service worldwide!

So, why am I the one telling you all that?

Hertz would like to offer a discount of $100 OFF the purchase of some of their newly used cars for sale! You can check out used cars and used cars for sale by owner. Hertzrent2buy.com is an innovative way to check out a wide varity of high quality cars and amazing deals! So, speaking of accessories...:)

For all of you, who would like to get this amazing offer, contact me for a promo code!

Have a great day!


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