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my baby!

Monday, 27 June 2011

I wanted to post some photos of my new baby that were taken by me, but I had some problems with my camera (that wouldn't focous?!) so I was obligated to find a picture of it, on the web.
So here it new ring that I'm in love with and that I've ordered from Asos! :))
Hope you like it! ;)


barbara said...

huuuuud prstan!
upam, da boš objavila kakšen outfit z njim:)

Alja said...

ja, mene tud zanima kako si ga skombinirala:) a ga nosiš samga al še kak prstanček zraven? js mam podobenga, rjavega, pa ga nosim še s parimi k majo velke kamne...:p

Kaitlyn said...

I love this! Such a gorgeous colour x

helena said...

It's amazing <3

Annette Krubner said...

love this ring!♥

NinaSafada said...

prelep :))

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