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Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm not gonna apologise for not posting for such a long time, because it just wouldn't feel honest, because I'm aware that after this post, I'm probably gonna have another major break. Yup, the exams are finally here and all I do is study all day, so since I need to sleep and eat and relax just a bit, there is simply no time for blogging.
At the same time I was again playing with a thought of quiting (and no I'm not seeking for your comments such as oh no, don't stop and so), it's just that I've been blogging for about 3 years now and well, when you realise that you are basically trying for nothing, that there isn't that expected feetback that you would expect and at the end all the effort you've put in isn't worth a bit..well at that point you think, why should I continue? Sure I'm at the first place writing for myself but still..
Anyways I'm leaving you with some inspirational photos of my latest obsession- I'm filling my closet with as much crochet things as possible!
have an amazing day!

photos via We heart it, Dulceida and Song of style.


Lena said...

Great pics! It inspired me!
Have a wonderful day :)

Anita Puksic said...

Če ne drugo maš največ spremljevalcev med slovenskimi modnimi blogerkami, se mi zdi no, pa celo readers art, pa features. Pa kar dosti komentarjev. Not that bad ;)

Kratke hlače in majica na drugi fotki naj po kakšnem srečnem naključju prideta do mene!

Mir in ljubezen!

LoveE ♥ said...

I LOVE crochet, and these shots are no exception! I know you weren't seeking this, but if you do quit, I'll miss you! :)

Michelle said...

These are such beautiful feminine looks!


Renée said...

I die! These crochet photos are gorgeous....l.o.v.e.


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