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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello lovelies! I'm really sorry for not posting for such a long time, but things have been just I don't know...weird (?).. in last couple of days. But I moved on and despite the fact that I was actually at the point, when I was seriously considering deleting magnifique, I'm so totally back! :)
Hope you like today's outfit and have a great rest of the day!

Wearing New Yorker leather shorts, top from H&M and shirt from Zara.


rudegirlnina said...

Neee brisat! :) Ženska, zarad tebe sem začela blogat. Usem pride kako tako obdobje, just keep going!
Love the outfit, tazadnja slika, uffa, tattoo! <3

shishiwaldorf said...

I love your shorts!!! I really like this rock style ;)


Unknown said...

Lovely outfit! Love the shorts they have the right amount of 'slouch' xxx

Katja said...

a to je kak virus?? da hočete vse neki nehat?! ne, ne! ne pustimo!! :))

Tesa said...

hvala punce :) zarad takih kot ste ve me obupanke ostajamo :))

thank you guys!

Anonymous said...

I like your tatoo!! Its on a really good place, its hidden bu you can show it in all its glory when you want to:D
What does it say?

anna said...

love those shorts! and your tattoo is so so cool!

Anonymous said...

tesica, tvoj blogec je najbolši-ti si pa sploh nadcarska ;) tko da ti samo keeeeeeeep going :*

Rizzi said...

Im in love with this outfit.


Mancina said...

waw krasna si v tem outfitu!! in jaz imam tudi te kratke hlače pa jih nisem niti enkrat še mela..moraaam ker so res hude =))

PLN by M said...

perfect kot ponavadi <3 hud tatoo!

duckalicious said...

noooo, don't delete your blog, just say fuck it and keep doing your thing!

Unknown said...

Loving the shorts x

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love the leather! x hivenn

Anonymous said...

tesa, tvoj blog je res najbolši, spremlam ga že več kot eno leto in sem totalno obsedena z njim - prva stvar k jo nardim k grem na net pogledam če si objavla kkšn nov post :)

res ne zbrisat bloga, ker je res najbolši!

Ana / Fashionfly said...

Huda kombinacija in tvoj tatu je popoln!
p.s: NE brisat bloga!! ;)

Blake Jacobsen said...

I absolutely love how you styled the leather with the denim. Very nicely done!


Tesa said...

thank you all! :)

Stefania said...

your blog is sooo amazing :)

the shorts are great



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