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Saturday, 4 December 2010

..PARIS- the only place, where I wish to be right now..


Closet Fashionista said...

Looove these photos!!!! :D

Lena said...

I like all photos very!

Julia Calhoun said...

loving those pics!!
have a great weekend!"!!

KISSES from new york

Myriam La Rédactrice said...

I'm French but it still make me dream :)

helena said...

It's breautiful.
I've only been there once but I'd love to go back some time ♥

x helena

Lady Vanished said...

beatiful pictures :D

amanda archambault said...

I love Paris!!! You should go. Just check flying prices until it's cheap and go. Spontaneous trips are always the ones that are the most memorable. Great post/pictures!!
follow me if you aren't already and I'll follow you in return!

xoxo, Amanda

The Fashion Fallacy said...

I could't agree with you more!

montse said...

ohh Paris!!! j'adore!!!!!!!!!! great photos!!

Valerie said...

Beautiful pics!! Very dreamy :)

alannah. said...

that first photo is beautiful & even though ive never tried a macaroon id really really love to try one, those ones in that picture look so yummy!
i want to go to paris :( hopefully one day i'll make it there.x

Aimee said...

I would absolutely LOVE to visit Paris at least once in my life! Hopefully my dream job will send me over there quite a few times! It looks so gorgeous.

Marina said...


xx Marina

Nathalia said...

awww i feel the same way!!

Viaggio della Farfalla
The Key Item

Mandy said...

great pics ! The city of love <3

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