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Saturday, December 11, 2010

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On Thursday night, I went to see a fashion show, hosted by an organization called MPM (which can be translated as young business managers), where four young slovenian designers presented their work. To be quite honest, the show itself wasn't really anything special, but I had a really nice time, hanging out with Teja, from Don't tell my stylist, Jakob (who is a young and inspiring fashion stylist and designer) and Nina and Urša, one of the biggest fashionistas I have ever met! :)
We end up (literality) on the top of the city (where is an amazing bar called skyscraper, with an AMAZING view), drinking Martinis and sharing our dreams about Paris!

P.s. Sorry about the bad quality of the can tell I was struggling for my camera's life! :D




Lu ૐ said...

Amazing photos!! xx, Lucía.

Unknown said...

ooh woow!! cool pictures!!

Angela Alvarez said...

love your blog!!:D

i follow you!!



Fashion Fabrice said...

This is a great post!Looks like a great show! And love your look! Im really happy I ran into your blog! it's a great read and i like your style:)
Im gonna follow your blog!

Hope you visit me and follow me back! That would be aamzing:)


Have a fabulous day!

Tesa said...

thank you all so much!

Alex said...
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Alex said...

This is realy good idea to support young designers)

Las Lolicas de siempre said...

Thanks!!!! I like your blog, i´m going to follow you since now!!!!!


Ursa said...

how fashionable bored are we :D

te bom linkala na mojmu blogu


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